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The Netgate® 7100 1U security gateway appliance with pfSense® Plus software is ideal for remote office, SMB, and enterprise networks looking for enterprise-class performance in a rack mount form-factor. Featuring a Quad-core Intel® Atom 2.2 GHz CPU with integrated AES-NI and QAT (QuickAssist Technology), up to 24GB of DDR4 RAM, (2) 10 GbE ports, (8) 1 GbE switched ports, and an expandable  4-Port Intel GbE, the XG-7100 1U enables 18.5 Gbps routing and 9.85 Gbps of firewall throughput. The Netgate 7100 1U is our best-selling rack mount solution.

Featuring a Quad Core Intel® Atom C3558 2.2 GHz, upgradable memory up to 24 GB, and expandable network interfaces (up to 14 ports), the Netgate 7100 achieves up to 18.5 Gbps routing performance.

L3 Forwarding

  • IPERF3 Traffic: 18.53 Gbps
  • IMIX Traffic: 6.24 Gbps


(10k ACLs)

  • IPERF3 Traffic: 9.85 Gbps
  • IMIX Traffic: 2.77 Gbps


(AES-GCM-128 w/QAT)

  • IPERF3 Traffic: 2.01 Gbps
  • IMIX Traffic: 522 Mbps

Netgate 7100 performance tests conducted with pfSense plus software version 21.05 RC

CPU: Quad Core Intel® Atom C3558 2.2 GHz, with integrated AES-NI and QAT (QuickAssist Technology), significantly improves encrypted throughput and increases RAM performance by up to 50%.

Network Ports: Expandable up to 14 network ports the Netgate 7100 features (2) 10 Gbps Intel x553 SFP+ ports, (8) 1 Gbps ports sharing a Marvell switch, and expandable with a 4-Port Intel 1 GbE, and a 2-port or 4-Port X710 Intel 10 GbE SFP+.

Storage: 32 GB eMMC (upgradable to 256 GB M.2 SSD)

Memory: 8 GB DDR4 (Expandable to 24GB), DDR4 memory allows more stable, higher transfer rates for memory-intensive applications (e.g. IDS/IPS). Our hardware flexibility allows you to upgrade your memory at any time to 24 GB, future-proofing this appliance.


pfSense Plus software provides the performance, flexibility, reliability and business assurance expected from leading secure networking applications:

  • Up to 10 Gbps performance
  • Flexible 3rd-party application options
  • Traditional management mechanisms
  • Proven reliability
  • Complete business assurance support

All at a fraction of the cost of proprietary alternatives, pfSense Plus software is the perfect answer. Popular pfSense Plus use cases include load balancing, traffic shaping, captive portal, UTM device, DNS/DHCP Server, IDS/IPS, transparency caching proxy, web content filtering, failover WAN, and much more.

Características Técnicas

  • Processador: Intel "Denverton" Atom C3558, 2.2 GHz with Intel QuickAssist and AES-NI
  • Memória: 8 GB DDR4 (expandable to 24GB via SODIMM)
  • Disco: 32 GB eMMC onboard Additional storage via M.2 SSD
  • Interfaces: (2) x 10GbE Intel x553 SFP+ Ports, (8) x port 1Gbps Marvell 88E6190 switch, uplinked at 5 Gbps (2x 2.5 Gbps) to Intel SoC for LAN
  • Fonte: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 1.5-3A Internal Power Supply AC Inlet: IEC320-C14 (3 PIN)
  • Consumo: 3.48W (idle)
  • Dimensões: 19" Rack Mount – 1U – 1.75" x 19" x 8.5" 1U Rack Mount